Hot Pink

Sweater: Forever 21, Tank: Wet Seal, Pants: Arizona, Shoes: Kmart, Charm Bracelet: Betsey Johnson, Watch: Betsey Johnson, Bow: Made By Me, Glasses: Ray-Ban
 I feel like my glasses make every one of my outfits ten times cooler. And everyone around me is probably sick of me saying that! 

This is my Kristine pose!
 I bought these pants over the summer and wore them a few times. Then fall came and they moved to the back of my closet because when I think of fall, hot pink does not come to mind. But now that it's basically winter (minus the snow, which is abnormal for Wisconsin), I think it's time to pull them back out. I also have a pair in bright blue.
 I received the Betsey Johnson charm bracelet for Christmas from my aunt. I'm excited to add another BJ item to my collection. She's my favorite designer!
This post is taking me forever to write. NCIS is on!


  1. Love the hot pink and the stacked bracelets. And I love the glasses!

  2. I guess I can take the Betsey Johnson bracelet I was going to get you out of the shopping cart!

  3. Oh no! Did it look like this one? :(