Pajamas in Public Cont.

Sweater dress: Max Rave, Tights: Target, Socks: Target, Boots: Kmart, Cowl: Betsey Johnson
 Yes, this outfit is basically a rendition of yesterday's. :) It's just so comfy, I can't resist!
 A recent topic of conversation I've noticed on many fashion blogs is tights. I love seeing women's different opinion on tights. Some women save certain dresses for fall/winter to pair with tights because they are too short. Some women hate tights. Others love them! Having spent majority of my life taking ballet lessons, where the standard uniform is tights and a leotard, I'm pretty used to them. I find them much more comfortable than jeans and if you double layer them, they are just as warm!
The guy across the street asked for my autograph! lol.
What are your thoughts? Pro or anti tights?

P.S. My mom bought me this cowl on our mother-daughter bonding day. It's Betsey Johnson. I'm a sucker for anything designed by her!

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  1. Anti Tights, since my legs are way tooo big for tights. But do appreciate the look on other people.