Sister Style

Dress: Thrifted // Shoes: From Karen // Hair Bow: Michael's
In honor of my sister, Emma, having a big week between her dance recital and 8th grade graduation, I wanted to feature an outfit post about her! She's really, super lucky. I give her all my old clothes and my bff, Karen, give her all her old shoes. This outfit is a perfect example. I love this dress, but I never really wear it so I packed it up with about a third of my wardrobe and sent it Em's way! She had been eyeing up Karen's shoes for a couple years now, so she was really excited to get those!

Emma doesn't even need my help anymore when it comes to picking her outfits (I think she asks for help to make me feel needed!), she did this completely on her own. I love how she picked a white bow so the only pop of color was hot pink (her favorite).

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