The Kate Factor: Kate Beckinsale

Today I am starting my new feature, The Kate Factor. A few months ago, I talked about doing this feature. Outfits inspired by my favorite Kate's. Today, I decided to start with my most favorite Kate, Kate Beckinsale. Many of you probably know her from the Underworld movies, along with Serendipity, Click and Van Helsing.
Kate Beckinsale is known for her simply chic outfits and muted color palette. You will most often find her in black's, grey's and navy's. She tends to stick to leggings or skinny jeans and boots. She has a great casual-chic look.

My inspiration:
My interpretation: 
Shirt: Wal-Mart // Skirt: Target // Tights: Target // Leg Warmers: Kmart // Boots: Target
 I decided on this outfit inspiration because I wanted something that was a little more of a challenge. If there is one thing that I'm not very good at, it's wearing all black. I always want to add a bit of color. I did add a little bit of interest by wearing a striped shirt instead of the plain black, but it was still a big leap for me. I learned that it's not as scary as I originally thought, so I may start trying it more often. It can be very chic.
P.S. The lighting in the school library is awful and I apologize for not having a better place to take pictures!

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