My graduation ceremony was on Saturday! Hence why I have been absent. In a nutshell, here is how my last few days have gone...

-Pulled my first all-nighter in a very long time to finish all my homework and studying for my first exam, which was Friday morning at 8am.
-Learned that my school's library is the place to be during finals week. They gave out free coffee and cookies, along with inspirational messages and offer wii breaks!
-Caught up with an old friend that I haven't seen in years, which is what led to the all-nighter.

-Rocked my exam!
-Breakfast with Garrett. 
-Slept until 2pm.
-Cleaned my apartment.
-Dinner with half my family, Garrett and Cassie.
-Bed pretty early.

-Woke up pretty early. (Ceremony started at 10am!)
-Got dressed/curled my hair (which takes a while).
-Arrived at the location of my ceremony and stood around for an hour alone because I knew no one there. (Cassie's ceremony was at 1pm so we didn't see each other all day!)
-Finally found my friend, Kelley, which didn't matter too much because we were in different sections.
-Ceremony started.
-Listened to long, boring speeches.
-Finally lined up to walk across the stage.
-Walked across the stage as the name caller completely butchered my name!! (How is that even possible?! My name is spelled exactly how is sounds! Katelyn Weber. Is that so hard to say?! He said Kath-lyn Weber. And I stood there for an extra minute yelling "Katelyn!" at him, but he never corrected it. By the way, I have the neatest handwriting out of anyone I know. Seriously, ask them. There is nothing anywhere near an "h" in my name. Egh.)
-More long, boring speeches.
-Finally got to leave.
-Found my family. Bitched about my name. Took pictures in the freezing cold.
-Changed my shoes and went out to lunch with the other half of my family.
-Went to Applebee's and ordered my long-awaited mojitio.
-Spent the rest of the night being very lazy.

-Another lazy day.

And here we are on Monday. I still have 3 exams so it's hard to really enjoy "graduation", especially since the day did not go as smoothly as I would have liked. But, only three more days and I am free from college forever! Wish me luck on my finals! And good luck to those of you who are taking yours as well!

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  1. Nice Post Kathy! (hee hee) Good luck on your exams and start packing!