Weekend plans

Dress: Forever 21, Sweater: Wet Seal, Tights: Target
 It is just me, myself and I this weekend! I have homework and fun projects to do this weekend. One fun project for every piece of homework that I finish. Good plan huh? Here is what I've been working on right now. I re-decorated my daily planner! I love it because I can easily take it off when I get bored of it. I basically live off of my daily planner, so it's the one thing that always attached to me!
 And my business planner notebook! Garrett gave me the idea to start writing down my ideas down now for my future business I'd like to own so I don't forget things in the future. I just used an old sketchbook I haven't been using. The original cover had a lot of lines and colors, which I like normally, but I just wasn't feeling for this.
I don't have an official DIY for this. I didn't think it was needed. I just bought contact paper (the stuff you use to line your kitchen drawers and shelves) and covered my notebook and daily planner with it. Easy!

Other fun projects I have planned is mostly sewing projects. I know, I keep talking about them, and have yet to show them. This weekend, I promise!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

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