Menswear: How To Take Him Shopping

For my first Menswear post, I waned to start with the most challenging part. Shopping. When we (we being women) hear that glorious word, our ears perk up and we start envisioning our wishlist and needs list, we start counting how much money we have in our bank account, and figuring out how far we can push our financial limit. Personally, I can spend the whole day in the mall, going from store to store, trying on clothes, debating, comparing, the works. (This is why I normally shop alone!)

However, when men hear the word "shopping", the standard reply is
"Bah! Shopping."

The only thing worse than shopping to a man, is having a girlfriend/fiance/wife/etc dragging him shopping. But you want your man to look good, right? Or maybe he just really needs some new clothes. How do you get him to go shopping without dragging his feet? After asking Garrett for his thoughts on the subject, I came up with a few tips/ideas to make the experience less painful.

"Tips and ideas...ooooh reeeeally?" :)

Make a list beforehand
Figure out together what he wants and what he needs. Order them by priority (needs first, strong wants next, etc). Once you're there, only buy the things on the list! (Unless he's feeling optimistic, then fully take advantage of that!)

Make the entire trip about him
Usually guys don't like shopping because they hate following their significant others into all the women's only stores. I don't blame them! I'm bored every time I walk through Dick's Sporting Goods or Gander Mountain. Dedicate the shopping trip to just him. Don't look around for stuff for yourself. He'll be more motivated to go.

No means no
If he doesn't like something on the hanger, ask him nicely to try it on. If he still doesn't like it, even if you do, don't push it. You wouldn't want him forcing you to wear something you didn't like or feel comfortable with. Let it go or he'll end up resenting it, and possibly you.

When he says he's done, be done
Even if you didn't get everything on the list, if he wants to leave, leave. Appreciate that you got as far as you did and thank him for being a good sport. Hopefully, he'll start to see that shopping doesn't have to be that bad and will gradually be able to last longer next time.

Make it a challenge!
If he gets everything on the list, give him a reward! A video game, dinner on you or even as simple as his pick for the movie. You could even promise that the next time you go shopping, he doesn't have to come!

Remember to compliment him on everything he gets. Guys like to be told they look good too!
I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions! I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I will be using this approach with my boyfriend very, very soon. Excellent post, thank you!