A DIY and things to come

I wanted to start today with a DIY. I found these adorable moccasins at Red Velvet, and I totally fell in love with them!
Unfortunately, the price is a touch steep, but I figured this was something I could make myself with the moccasins I already have!

First, here are the supplies you need:
  • 1 sheet of felt with a adhesive back
  • permanent fabric glue
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
Note: The adhesive back is not necessary for this project, but I recommend it.
    First, you need to cut off the tassels on the top of your moccasins. Then, draw a heart (or whatever shape you want) on the paper.
    Next, cut that out.
    Then, using the paper heart as a stencil, trace it onto the felt. I didn't take a picture of it, but when I made mine, I drew the heart of the back of the felt (the adhesive side) so it was easier to see.
    Next, cut out the felt heart.
    Peel of the adhesive back.
    For extra stick, or if you only have regular felt, add fabric glue to the back.
    And stick onto the front of your moccasins! Allow to dry for a couple hours.
    Moccasins: Kmart
    If anyone tries this out, take a picture and send me a link! I'd love to see them!

    On another note, there are a couple features I will be occasionally doing in the future:

    I'm sure you would all agree with me on this, we (women) all wish guys cared more about their appearance. Not a lot, just enough to break out of the plain, boring tshirt-and-jeans routine, or worse, the sweats routine. A man that puts forth just a little bit more effort is far more attractive. We're not asking for much! And it doesn't have to be difficult!
    So, I will be presenting easy tips for men, or for women to give to their men. Using as a guinea pig Featuring my lovely boyfriend, Garrett, I will periodically post different styles and tips for men. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please email me or comment! I'd love to talk about anything you want to hear about!

    The Kate Factor:
     I recently decided to start going by "Kate" to new people that I meet. Kate is a bit more grown up than Kati. It's a style icon name. (To those who call me Kati, I will still answer to that!) So, in celebration of this, I will occasionally post outfits inspired by different famous Kates. Some examples (I have a very long list) include:
    Kate Beckinsale
    Kate Hudson
    Kate Voegele
    Kate Middleton
    Kate Moss

    I hope you all enjoy some of my things to come! I'm so excited! Again, if you ever have questions or suggestions, just message me! I'd love to hear from you!


    1. I saw those on RV too! There was another pair that I really, really wanted. I think I'll modify this DIY to make myself a pair! (Also, I'll probably stitch the decorative part on to make it look more "handmade"-ish, if that makes sense at all.


    2. great new ideas for your blog!! i should really come up with some things to start doing on my blog, but ive been finding less and less time to blog :(

      i especially love the mens wear idea, ill have to give you some ideas because i have a boyfriend of my own!!


    3. Kathryn-I tried to sew mine on too, but the leather is too thick. So be careful with that!

      Alyssa-Thank you! I'd love to hear your ideas! Also, about the not having time to blog, I've found what works best is to plan out a couple posts in advance. When you have some free time, write of some posts and save them for when you don't have time to come up with one everyday. I have a bunch written down in a notebook so when I don't have time, or have writer's block, I have some ideas in my back pocket.