Retro-esque - Day 16

 Today was a pretty laid back day. We actually didn't get dressed until about 4:00 when we decided to get dinner. But that doesn't mean we were lazy! We rearranged my room and cleaned up the apartment, while Cassie nursed her hangover before jumping on her homework. I still have homework to do too.
 Garrett and I felt this outfit was pretty 70's between the pants and the flowy top. Cassie's awesome retro, green couch seemed like a perfect backdrop. Well, that and it was already too dark to take pictures outside. Garrett decided his bass would look good in here too. That's just one of the nine instruments that he owns! (He claims he's not done yet either, but we'll see...) ;)
As I'm writing this, I'm already back in my pajamas. I love lazy(ish) Sundays!

P.S. Today would be the 25th birthday of my late cousin, Nicole. Happy Birthday darling! I miss you.

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