Campus - Day 15

Today is another beautiful, windy fall day. We took pictures on campus today.

Then we went into the library and took more pictures.

 Today I started a search for a brown fall hat. I noticed I was in need of one when I realized that I had a black cloche, a purple cloche and a teal-ish blue felt wider brimmed hat. None of which would have gone with this outfit. So we drove to Target this afternoon, but there were no brown hats to be found! Target always has everything! :( I guess I have to keep looking.

 I am having a lot of fun layering this dress for fall. I'm finding new color combinations I wouldn't have normally thought of. 
The rest of today consists of lounging around until Cassie gets off of work. Then we are taking her out for her birthday, part two.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. i was thinking it before i even read it at the bottom of your post: i loveee how you layered and also the color combinations! cute outfit!

  2. Very cool pictures! I love the layering of your outfit! xxoxoo

  3. I love the first picture of the campus! Taking pictures in the library is always so fun! xx