A real smile - Day 24 & 25

Bow: Made by me, Tights: Target, Scarf: Gift
 The downside: I had two exams today! The upside: I feel pretty good about them! The other upside (bonus!): The rest of my week is pretty easy sailings. This is what I wore yesterday.
 Look! A real smile! This should make some people happy! :)
Here is what I wore today. I was told that I looked really Halloween-ish today. I took it as a compliment!
Necklace (worn as headband): Thrifted, Jacket: Wet Seal, Scarf: Hot Topic
 OMG another real smile? What is this madness?!

 This, my lovely readers, is my new bike. I bought it from Cassie. Isn't it beautiful? Sometime, when I have time (haha, right) I want to strip it and paint it another color. I can't decided what though. Green? Purple? Yellow? Suggestions?
 Behind me here is my new work system. I've been reading a lovely blog, Miss Elise over at A Beautiful Mess. She has amazing ideas! I found her post, 5 tips for prolific living. I made a list of goals (a to-do list) with deadlines and rewards and I'm keeping them posted on my walls in my new workspace.
 Checking off another thing!
It's really helping with my willingness to do my homework. You should check it out!


  1. Again love the bow and the leather jacket. And I checked out the blog you linked, she's got some great ideas. I like posting goals to the wall where you can see them everyday and remind yourself of them. I think I'm going to have to try that.

  2. Nice looks!


  3. Sarah-it really helps if you make them pretty too. Really colorful and such. It helps keep me excited about doing them.

    And thank you!

  4. I am happy with the smiles! You look beautiful in the smiles (and your clothes)

  5. Looking absolutely adorable!!! Love your photos girly.

    PS. Let's follow each other. What ya think?

    <3 Marina

  6. i like the smiles, and im going to check out that girls blog... i like the idea of having new goals and posting them in the workspace.
    also my week is a lotttt like yours! i had an exam and shit ton of hw. but now im free and almost have nothing to do! it feels great haha.
    btw, are you hating this cold weather as much as i am? at least been a little bit warmer these past couple of days :)


  7. Alyssa - Yea, I don't have my warmer coats at school yet, so I've been cold in my "fall coats". I'm so not ready for winter!

    Marina - Thank you! I'm already following you on bloglovin! :)

    Mom and Garrett - Thank you!! :)