Obsessions - Day 21

Tights: Urban Outfitters, Leg Warmers: Kmart, Earrings: Etsy, Bow: Made by me
 There's something you should know about me. I am a Harry Potter fanatic. Big fan. Big big fan. I read all the books the day they came out. I saw all the movies opening weekend. I've been to Harry Potter World, drank butterbeer (most delicious thing in the whole world!), and even purchased a wand. It's pretty awesome.
I even took a Hogwarts Houses personality test. I'm a Ravenclaw. What house are you in? Take the test and let me know!
 This outfit may or may not be loosely inspired by Harry Potter. Hence the navy and bronze bow. And the pleated skirt. But this is not a completely random act. Tonight, the campus theater is showing HP7 part 2. So, naturally, I need to be there. I'm dragging Cassie along.

 I got these earring from a girl on Etsy. They are Luna Lovegood earrings. The ends of them even glow in the dark! Luna is my favorite character. She's funny and quirky but still very smart. She is a Ravenclaw after all.

My bow is made from an old tie. I learned how to make them from a tutorial on Katherine's blog, thrifted things. For the tutorial, click here. Since I started making them, I've become a bit bow-obsessed.  I have quite a collection of bows, and ties to make into bows. And now my nieces are requesting bows! (They're all under the age of 9)

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!


  1. So lovely tights and bow! I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter, but I took the test and I'm both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff :D

    Be Indie, Be Trendy


  2. Yay Harry Potter! I'm a Ravenclaw too, go smart people! I love the bow, I think I'm going to have to try that. I think you can never have too many bows!

  3. That's what I think too! I love bows!