70's Flare

T-Shirt: Hot Topic // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity // Shoes: Crocs // Hat: K-Mart // Bag: Epiphanie Bags
Bracelet: ALDO // Watch: Betsey Johnson
It's funny how tastes can change over time. When I was young, like pre-school young, I refused to wear jeans. I would only wear leggings. As I got older, I would only wear flared jeans. When skinny jeans became popular again (around high school), I stuck to my guns and still only wore flared jeans. Finally in college I branched out to skinny jeans until finally I only wore skinnies. Now I feel like I've come full circle (almost), because I'm currently loving my wide flared pants. I wish I could alternate these jeans and these pants everyday. That might be weird though.

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