Inspiration: Fall Fashion 2012

With August right around the corner, the one thing on everyone's mind is: "What's going to be the look for this fall?" (Well maybe not everyone, but at least everyone reading this I would think.) After hours and hours of slaving away on the computer (not true at all), I noticed that everyone is saying different things. But I did find a few that were common between most of the websites I've been reading.

Winter Whites...in the Fall
I'm not sure how I feel about wearing white in the fall. Something about fall says browns and oranges more than crisp, clean whites to me. But maybe if it's more of an off-white, I can see how it would work. It does make for a great transition piece into winter. 

From the Wilderness to the Runway
I believe that each season needs to have some trends that are ultimately the same each year, otherwise we'd have nothing to look forward to. This is one of those looks that I feel like I can only embrace in the fall. I've never been a country girl, but I love fall outdoors-y looks. Does that make me a phony?

Modern Military
Military themed is a little guilty pleasure of mine...on everyone else. I've never been able to successfully execute this look, but some women can really pull it off. I love the earth-tone colors mixed with the structure. And those big, brass buttons!

In addition to these trends, I've been seeing a lot of red, peter pan collars, and cozy sweaters (of course!). I don't know about you, but I am completely ready for fall! What trends are you looking forward to?

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