A Dress With a Story

Dress: Charlotte Russe // Sweater: Forever 21 // Tights: Boston Store // Shoes: Forever 21 // Belt: Thrifted // Earrings: Rue 21 // Ring: Rue 21 // Bracelet: JewelMint // Watch: Betsey Johnson
Without fail, at least 25% of the time when I get new tights, I managed to rip them the first time I put them on. Luckily with these ones the hole is not quite as noticeable, but it is irritating nonetheless.

Interesting (well, maybe not that interesting) story about this dress. I got it a little over two years ago specifically to wear to my cousin, Ashley's, bridal shower. I was a bridesmaid so the bridal shower was just the first of many semi-formal events I had coming. So after the bridal shower, I packed away this dress because I knew I couldn't wear it again to a wedding-related thing (at the time, I thought it was too formal to everyday life). Once it was packed away, I completely forgot about it until a couple weeks ago when my mom and Bob moved, and finally grabbed it last weekend before I went back to school. The interesting part is that I chose to wear it today, not realizing when I got dressed that it's the 17th, my cousin's wedding anniversary!
So, Happy Anniversary Ashley and Andy. I wore this dress in honor of you without even realizing it!

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