A Kristine Post

Shirt: H&M // Skirt: Thrifted // Belt: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Watch: Betsey Johnson // Headband: Shabby Apple
This is a total Kristine or Polly post. The outfit was planned, as Kristine is the master of pattern mixing, but after I looked at the pictures, I realized that my poses were definitely Kristine-esque too. 

Saturday, I spent some time with my mom and Bob, planning room colors for the house they just bought! They are moving at the end of the month. We also got to play with some of their photography equipment while taking my photos. Then on Saturday night, Garrett and I saw The Artist. It was so good! I think it definitely earned the Best Picture Oscar. 

So, who is totally loving this weather? It's been in the 60s all weekend and it's supposed to stick throughout this week. I know it's only the middle of March and rather unlikely, but I really hope the warm weather sticks.

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