Glamural: Kate Spade

After seeing some photos from Kate Spade in NYFW, I hopped on over to katespade.com to check out everything on her website. I had (obviously) heard of Kate Spade before, but I never really paid attention to her clothes. Can I just say, I totally fell in love! (I know, who hasn't.) So, this glamural is dedicated to her.

Glamural: Kate Spade

I love the colors and patterns! I also love all the sayings! "Play hooky" and "Eat cake for breakfast" are two of my favorites. "Start each day like it's your birthday" is my background on my computer right now, with my birthday being less than a week away and all! And I love love love the telephone Iphone case, but I need an Iphone first. Haha.


  1. LOLZ. That "pardon my French" shirt is great, especially since for once, it's not about swearing. I kind of want one of those now.

    1. I know, ever since I saw that picture, I've been eyeing it up!