Glamural: Seafoam Green

Time for a new feature! Glamural is a mural of things I'm loving right now. I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and Polyvore (click on the links to follow me!) and this is a great way to combine them with my blog!
Glamural-Seafoam Green

For my first Glamural, I am featuring seafoam green. It's my favorite color in the world (see my recent change in color on the blog) and I've been finding so many cool combinations with it! My favorite is seafoam and tangerine, or the seafoam with leopard print. What are you favorite color combinations?


  1. I'm loving sea foam green and leopard too! I'm also liking earth tones in general. Always have. I also like black and yellow. Black with blue and green is my favorite.

    Looks like you've got a thing for sea foam green and orange too, hmm? :P

  2. Haha! I do! Sometimes I go a little overboard! :)

  3. Ooooh, I love this shade. :) It's so rich looking and bright!

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