Menswear: Stylish Made Easy

In honor of Garrett's birthday, I am doing another menswear post!
Shirt: Izod, Sweater Vest: Izod, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Converse
Dressing your man (or men, dressing yourself!) like this is so much easier than you think it is! Usually, men are turned off by the amount of effort you have to put into an outfit, not the actual style. (Of course there are exceptions!)
Tips For Easy Styling

1. Make sure the sweater vests are in colors that he likes to wear/make him look good. (This would be done during the shopping trip.) Garrett has beautiful dark, green eyes so wearing a deep purple like this really compliments his eyes. Men may not think this technical, but if it makes him look good, he'll wear it.

2. Have a couple plain white button-down shirts to wear under the sweater vests. While mixing and matching colors and patterns may be fun for us, most guys aren't into spending the time. White button-down shirts look great under any colored sweater vest. That way, he can just grab one without thinking too much.

3. Keep it casual/comfy with jeans. Once he puts on khakis or slacks, it starts getting too dressy. Pairing the button-down and sweater vest with jeans will keep the "everyday" wear look, and he'll be happier being comfy.

4. Finish off the look with fashionable tennis shoes. I'm a very big fan of converse. On men and women. They are timeless and make any outfit look instantly casual cool. I own three pairs myself. It took me a while to convince Garrett to wear them, but once he did, it completed all his outfits perfectly.

Now ladies, go into the world and start dressing your men! Or just ask them to try this out. Questions? Comments? Concern? I'd love to hear from you!

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