Coat: Banana Republic, Pants: Old Navy, Shirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Land's End, Bow: Handmade, Necklace: Claire's

 If I were a mutant, I would probably have crazy thirfting/discount shopping skills. I thrifted more than half my outfit today. Shoes: $2, shirt: $3, coat: $25. Yes, that's right, a Banana Republic coat for only $25. It was probably originally somewhere between $150-$300. Amazing deal!

 If I had a choice in my ability though, I think I would want to have the power to control the weather, like Storm. She can fly too. Can't go wrong there!
I originally bought this shirt to give to Garrett, but then I decided to keep it because I love love love X-Men. All the movies (as a whole) are in my top 5. So, I sewed in the sides a little and called it my own!

 The lightning bolt necklace was a Christmas gift from my 8 year old niece last year. She's such a sweetheart! I actually wear it all the time. She's already got great style!

If you were a mutant, or a superhero, what power/ability would you have?

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