Polka Dots!

Sweater: American Eagle, Top: Forever 21, Tank: Kohl's, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Target, Earrings;; Made by me
 So, at the cousinly bonding event last weekend, my awesome cousin, Ashley, had four tubs of old clothes that she needed to get rid of. After spending a good two hours going through it, my sister took half, and I took the other half. About a third of my half I gave to Liz, which still left me with a ton of new clothes! 
I love these kinds of situations because everyone wins. My sister got a lot of expensive name brand clothes, Liz got a lot of easy-to-wear-but-still-very-stylish clothes, I got a lot of polka dots (my favorite!) and Ash got more closet/storage space.
This is definitely my favorite top in all the clothes that I got for Ash (not to say that I don't love everything else! I do!). I managed to pull off a lot of my favorite things in this outfit. My favorite non-denim pants, my new favorite hairstyle, and my new favorite top. I even managed to add bows in there with my earrings!
I was a little cold...

P.S. Don't stand in front of a wall that is the same color as your hair, otherwise it doesn't stand out as much. Which, obviously with red, is what it's supposed to do. :)

P.S.S. (Or is it P.P.S.? I always forget!) Who's totally stoked for Thanksgiving?!

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