My Favorite Bow

Sweater: Ambiance Apparel, Pants: Hue, Socks: Target, Shoes: Ebay, Bow: Made by me
 I got these pants on my mother-daughter shopping trip. They are corduroy jeggings and the most comfortable pants I've ever owned. You will probably be seeing these a lot in the future. Even though I was told multiple times that it looked like I wasn't wearing any pants.

 My beautiful friend, Liz, took my pictures today! She's so fun. I am currently serving as her personal stylist. Maybe she'll let me do a before/after feature on her! (Please Liz?!)

A while back, my step-dad gave me a bunch of his old ties to make into bows. He's the greatest because he doesn't own a single "normal" tie. And he has like 50some (if not more) ties! When he gave me all of his ties, I was really excited about this one because I knew it would make a fun bow. My other favorite is his turkey tie, but I'm debuting that one on Thanksgiving, which I'm completely excited for! :) Who else is stoked for the face-stuffing holiday?

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  1. they somewhat do make you look like you have no pants, but i love the fact that they are cords and jeggings! id wear then all the time, too. haha i hope you post about the turkey bow tie!!