The perfect fall coat - Day 18

Coat: Wet Seal, Scarf: Wal-Mart, Tights: Urban Outfitters, Earrings: Borrowed from Cassie
 I didn't want to wear my coat in my pictures so soon, especially since in a couple weeks, I'm not going to have much of an option, but it was pretty chilly today. This is a perfect fall coat. It more of a fleece, so it's warm enough for those early fall days. Then when it starts getting a bit cooler, I just pair a sweater under it until it's cold enough to wear my winter coat.

 A couple weeks ago, Cassie chopped all her hair off. Her hair was almost as long as mine and then she took the plunge and got a pixie cut, which is what you've seen on here. Since her ears are now always on display, she's been embracing large, super cute post earrings. These earrings of hers matched my shirt perfectly, so she let me borrow them!

I've got some plans for my blog! They're going to be great! Cassie's going to help me with the layout and I've been re-writing my about me's and such. I'm excited! It's all going to start lookin' real good! :)


  1. feel free to help me make my blog look awesome!! haha jk
    cute tights and earrings!


  2. I love the pop of the bright scarf! perfect for fall. I'm so glad we were able to connect on ifb - Great blog!


  3. First - Love the new header and look!
    Second - Kudo's to Cassie for the amazing pics! While the subject matter (you) look wonderful in any picture, with Cassie's talent, you blog looks perfect!