Last days! - Day 29 & 30

Sunglasses: Target, Coat: Kohl's, Tights: Urban Outfitters
 Oh my goodness! Dracula was amazing! We had such a blast. Here is what I wore. I wanted to stick to red and black to go along with the Dracula theme.

 Here is what my man wore. Doesn't he look handsome? :)

And here is my outfit today! My last day of my 30x30! I cannot express how excited I am about it!
Hat: Target, Tights: Target

 If you noticed, I found a brown hat! I mentioned before that I had been looking for one. I just had to go to Madison to get one!

My final review of the 30x30 challenge:

This was definitely a learning experience. Nothing makes you appreciate the clothes you already own like not wearing most of them for a month. This month has taught me to be more creative with my layering, and it taught me that I can go a month without shopping. But, I am very excited to have my wardrobe back. (Not that you'll see it tomorrow, being Halloween and all!) Overall, I highly recommend this challenge to anyone who needs a refresher or who wants to try to cut back on their shopping addiction. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening and a Happy Halloween! :)


  1. I am so proud of you being able to finish this challenge. I know I couldn't do it! Great Job.

  2. Congrats on seeing it through! Now go have fun shopping!