BFFs - Day 7

 I am very excited for new locations for pictures this weekend. Today, Madison. Tomorrow, Chicago!

Shirt: Wal-Mart, Skirt: Refashioned, Shoes: Crocs, Watch: Betsey Johnson
 I wanted to talk about this skirt for a minute. This used to be a dress. My high school graduation dress to be exact. And I loved it dearly, but as the years went on (years! omg, I'm old), it just no longer fit me as well anymore. But instead of just getting rid of it, I decided to take it in to a seamstress (I didn't want to take any chances doing it myself) and got it altered into a skirt. So perfect for me now. And still reminiscent of high school. Well, high school graduation. The best part. Ha.

 This is a pretty old school pose for me. My mom has a lot of photos of me doing this. 

My BFF, Karen, and I at graduation. She texted me yesterday to tell me she hated all my shoes except my crocs (and that she was angry that I hadn't mentioned her yet). So Karen, I'm not only wearing these shoes for you, but I'm dedicating this post to you too! :)


  1. that skirt is adorableeee, i should try having some of my stuff taken in and altered like that! i love you color combination, cute outfit! and im jealous youre going to be in chicago! i miss chicagooo

  2. Karen does have the best shoes EVER!!! And lots of them