30x30 Day 2

Day two. So far so good!

Sweater: Wet Seal, Button down: Wal-Mart, Tank: Wet Seal, Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Target, Sunglasses: Target

Today was a pretty lazy day. Last night Garrett and I went out to dinner with a couple friends and ended up staying out until bar close! So today was filled with Numb3rs on dvd and cleaning up my notes (as previous mentioned, I'm really OCD). So that would explain the lack of make-up, jewelry, and effort towards my hair. Ha.
I hope everyone is having a great sunday!


  1. i totally didnt notice the makeup or hair haha. i think thats stuff we notice ourselves but other people dont. anyways our outfits are so similar haha how coincidental! i saw those shoes at target this summer (i think they are the same pair) and i wanted them! i think i might get their flat oxfords though pretty soon, well see :)
    p.s. your outfit would look good without the tanktop too!

  2. oohh, love those shoes! i've been looking for a pair like that...